How it works


Do you have or manage a flickr group?
Would you like to create a ranking monthly or yearly of the most beautiful (or worst) photos sent to your group?
Would you like to share this rank in your Flickr Group or Flickr Discussion?

No problem, with this tool is very simple! This is the finally result ...

Select type

Select the type of ranking (monthly or yearly)

Find group

Just find your group by checking your group name

Select group

Select your group

Insert rank data

Enter the number of photos that make up the rankings
Insert the analysis interval: year and month
Choose the format of the photos, including 5 standard flickr's format
Choose the sort of the rank (best and worst)


And finally click on the button "generate your ranking"

Copy and Paste

Go to the end of the page, copy the HTML code and paste it where you want (blog, web site, flickr group, flickr discussion)


Is avalaible a badge that dynamically displays in real time the five best picture of current month for your flickr group


Remember that the application uses the following standard flick api.
Using standard flickr api images are sorted (classified) for interest decreasing (interestingness-desc) or for interest increasing (interestingness-asc) so you can use the rankings to show the best or the worst monthly or yearly to your flickr users.
The algorithm to determine the best photos (or worse) has been established for itself through the Flickr API (based on views, fav, comments, ..)
Just remember, are shown only photos "taken" (taken-date) in the selected month.

Do you have doubtful, problems or questions? Discuss with me on Flickr!



This site is built using Standard Flickr Api and respects their term of service